What’s Cooking in CareerBridge?

By Children Rising | August 2nd,2016

This year, in addition to providing mentors and internships for high school students, CareerBridge decided to take on another project: the Ralph Bunche Culinary Program. Under the tutelage of a local restaurant owner and the guidance of CareerBridge directors Margena Wade-Green and Michelle Hutcherson, participating Ralph Bunche students have been learning how to run a lunch delivery business. If you live in the San Francisco-Oakland area, they might have even contacted you!

The business is called “Bunches ‘Maican Lunches”, a play on words that broadly hints at the type of cuisine they’re providing. Latosha Scott, the owner of Oakland restaurant Soul Food on the Go (formerly La Christa’s Cafe), and her chef Jan Savoy have taken time out of their busy schedules to train our students.