Ode to Children Rising Volunteers

By Children Rising | July 28, 2017

How do we appreciate thee? Let us count the ways:
Thank you for taking part in Children Rising’s mission of supporting at-promise children
Thank you for serving behind the scenes by stuffing envelopes and moving furniture
Thank you for the expertise and experience you impart to your high school mentee
Thank you for gently reining in grade school students as they learn to code
Thank you for your patience when she is distracted and cannot concentrate
Thank you for celebrating when he memorizes an entire box of sight words
Thank you for encouraging him when he cannot understand multiplication
Thank you for the attention you freely give so she can read that one word
Thank you for the eyes that light up when you show up week after week
Thank you for your heart for the children of Oakland and the East Bay
Thank you for your willingness to assemble food bags every month
Thank you for your dedication and teamwork and camaraderie
Thank you for the time you set aside to serve
Thank you for your grace and good humor
Thank you for making learning fun
Thank you for all this and more

Above all, we thank God for YOU!

(Who were our 2016-2017 Children Rising volunteers? Click here to find out!)

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