Perspectives: Our Children at the Crossroads

By Jim Wambach | April 27, 2018

by Jim Wambach, Executive Director

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do. – Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Community,

One volunteer + one child + love. A life filled with risk and despair can be transformed to a life of promise and hope. Karyn’s story is just one example of how possible it truly is for each of us to provide the extra care and support that can result in transformative opportunity for a better life.

We all know there are thousands of children in our community, whether in elementary school or high school, facing severe challenges not of their own making. Many are born into poverty or live in a neighborhood that is substantially under-resourced and, in many cases, undervalued by our society. These children, without receiving the additional support they need in a timely fashion, are at high risk of eventually dropping out of school, joining gangs, going to prison or early death. At a young age, they are literally at a crossroad between hope and promise and risk and despair.

What can we do to help more children have hope for a promising future and realize their God-given potential instead of leaving them “at risk?” Knowing there are so many children who need help at a critical and very real “fork in the road” in their young lives is not enough. Being willing to help is good, but is also not enough. We all must act now and with a high sense of urgency!

Make it a priority to become part of the solution! As a community working together, it’s not hard to make a real and lasting difference in a child’s life. As a Children Rising volunteer or partner, we will introduce you to a child in need and help you make a difference in that child’s life. As a donor, know that you monetarily and prayerfully support more volunteers and partners – increasing the community’s engagement and commitment to help children realize their potential and follow a path of love and hope – the hope of a rich and fulfilling life and the ability to one day give back to and strengthen their community.

For the children,