Our Community Enablement Engine Offers More Ways to Give

By Eric Steckel | October 17, 2018

I remember my days as a recent college graduate. It was the middle of an economic recession, and I struggled to find a job. I had plenty of time on my hands, and what I really wanted to do was travel. Unfortunately, I had no money!

Succeeding by Reading student and tutor

Volunteer tutors are an important component to our Community Enablement Model.

So much for those travel plans!

Eventually, I was fortunate to find a decent job. Suddenly I had money in my pocket, and things were looking up. Unfortunately, I had precious little time to travel.

Time or money? How often do we have plenty of both? For many folks in our community, it’s always one or the other.

For some, the challenges of family, work and commute, as well as the general pressures of life, make it impossible to volunteer regularly throughout the year, as our trained volunteers do. They just don’t have enough time.

For many others, the financial reality of living in the East Bay precludes them from making a financial donation. They just don’t have the resources to make a monetary gift.

Community Enablement Model provides Laura with more ways to give.

Our Community Enablement Model provided Laura opportunities to give in her own way.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with one of our long-serving volunteers. Laura was in a mid-career transition, studying for her theology degree. She had plenty of time to serve as a Succeeding by Reading and Library Services volunteer, and made a wonderful addition to our team. However, she didn’t have the resources to give monetarily.

The good news is that the Community Enablement Model that Children Rising has developed provided her with opportunities to give in her own way. She became a rock star volunteer, and helped many struggling children by giving of herself.

There are many ways to come alongside a struggling child through your time, talent and treasure. Whatever your season in life, you have gifts to bring to our community. Please consider the different ways you can help us come alongside more children and youth at the crossroad of promise and risk today.

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