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“’Children Rising cares so much about these kids that it invests the time and effort to train the tutors and provide us with tools to do a good job.”

– Linda Hawkins, Reading Tutor (Read what others are saying)

You can help a struggling student succeed –
We’ll help you do it

We invite you to join the hundreds of volunteers who are nurturing and equipping students to rise above the challenges they face in school. An engaged, caring community reaching these vulnerable children at a critical time in their life is the key to our approach. Together, we can make a generational difference in Oakland and surrounding East Bay Communities and help reduce educational inequity.

Volunteer opportunities include tutoring elementary school children in reading and math, high school youth mentoring, and assisting with food distribution for families in need.

Children Rising programs are structured so that it is easy for you to step in and be effective immediately. And the reward of watching a student progress as they reach their potential is priceless.

4 Simple Ways you can help a child reach their potential

“What’s great is Children Rising provides a really clear framework and set of tools to help you make an immediate impact”

– Laura Engelken, Reading Tutor

Children Rising offers many opportunities for you to connect with a student, inspiring hope and the confidence to succeed. Our volunteer programs are designed to make it simple for you to step in and be effective. By sharing your time, you connect with a student, a school, and your community. Together, we can nurture and equip vulnerable children to rise above the challenges they face in school.

Tutor a struggling reader
One-on-one time, two hours a week will empower vulnerable children to rise to their potential. We provide training, support, guidance, and all of the tools required for you to succeed each week. We match you with a child and offer multiple locations and time slots to accommodate your schedule. Our step-by-step program makes it simple for you to inspire them along their journey to reading. It’s almost certain you will be inspired along the way as you work alongside other volunteers and these amazing children.

Tutor a struggling student in math
Just two hours of one-on-one time per week, during school, can help two struggling students learn basic math concepts, develop critical reasoning skills, and develop confidence as the world of numbers starts to make sense. We provide training, support, guidance, and all of the tools required for you to succeed each week.  We match you with each child and offer the most convenient school and time slot to accommodate your schedule. You may find that the time spent with eager students and fellow volunteers is the highlight of your week!


Be a mentor
Just one hour per week in spring and summer can help a young adult prepare for their crucial final years of high school. Be a positive role model for youth by listening to them, helping them make positive choices, and providing them with hope and a pathway to a promising career.  We provide the training. You provide the wisdom.

Bagging food for hungry students
Every other Wednesday from 9-11 am, our volunteers assemble thousands of nutritious food bags for students who would otherwise not have food over the weekend. It’s easy and fun as you work alongside many other volunteers. Through our partnership with the Alameda County Community Food Bank, we help elementary school students, who otherwise would be hungry, come to school on Monday morning, ready and more able to learn.

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If you have questions about volunteering, we’ve got answers.

Think it’s hard to volunteer?
4 steps and you’re ready

Understand the Requirements

Commit to at least one hour per week and be willing to LiveScan background check and a TB assessment. Willingness to complete volunteer training and orientation as required.


Fill out and submit the Volunteer Interest form online. Our staff will contact you with the next steps.

Background Check

Complete the LiveScan fingerprint and TB requirements. Submit the information to our office.

Attend Required Training or Orientation

Get introduced to staff, other volunteers, and your school site. Training depending on your volunteer duties and responsibilities.

Start volunteering

With support and encouragement from our staff and fellow volunteers, you can start to make a difference in the lives of children and youth immediately!

I want to help a student reach their potential