“What’s great is Children Rising provides a really clear framework and set of tools to help you succeed.”

– Laura Engelken
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What will tutoring look like in 2020-21 due to COVID-19?

This year, for the safety of our tutors, our two-hour tutoring clinics will not be held at school sites during school hours. Instead, tutors will be working in teams to provide their students remote tutoring via an online tutoring platform. We will be holding clinics Monday thru Friday, during school hours. Both morning and afternoon clinic times are available.

Here is what we envision for delivery of online tutoring:

Tutors will gather in a dedicated space equipped with Children Rising computers and learning materials. A Children Rising clinic coordinator will be present to support and coach each tutor. The room will be set up to provide appropriate physical distance between stations, and is sanitized following each tutoring session. This space will NOT be at a school site. Instead, we will occupy congregation and other community organization spaces in Oakland and the East Bay that are currently not being utilized.

Students at a school site will gather in a space equipped with computers set up to allow appropriate physical distancing. Another Children Rising clinic coordinator will be present at the school site to facilitate electronic connections and learning between tutors and students.

Are all Children Rising volunteer opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area?

All Children Rising volunteer opportunities are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and require in-person participation, including our new online tutoring model. At this time we cannot accommodate distance learning tutors outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.

What if I can’t commit to weekly tutoring?

We have numerous ways to get involved, both sporadically and routinely.  For example, you can help prepare reading clinic supplies during the summer, or act as a chaperone on occasional field trips.

What if I want to tutor, but don’t think I have the skills?

Children Rising offers training sessions and materials to help you develop tutoring skills.  If you know how to read, or have helped your own children when they were in first grade, you will find that it comes rather naturally.

Are the children difficult?

We find the children are eager to learn, affectionate, and appreciative. Some children are more challenging than others, and we match tutor skills/preferences with individual children.

What are Children Rising’s most pressing needs now?

We need more math and reading tutors.

How do you prevent Children Rising volunteers from seeming “condescending” when coming from a mid to high-income community going into a school that is not?

Children Rising representatives have a relationship with the schools they serve.  We ask them what they need and how we can help.  We do not, in any way, tell them what we think they need.

Do I have to get a fingerprint scan?

Yes.  All on-campus volunteers are required to pass the Live Scan fingerprint certification.  Our Children Rising staff will help you get the proper documents and appointments needed.

What is a TB Risk Assessment and how do I get it done?

OUSD now accepts a TB Risk Assessment in lieu of a TB skin test. The TB Risk Assessment can be completed by a medical provider and will be valid for life. Download and print the TB Risk Assessment and take to your licensed health care provider. Once completed, submit a copy to our office.

How do I get a fingerprint scan?

Children Rising’s preferred Live Scan fingerprinting provider is Red Tomatoes. We are working on adding more location options. Children Rising has an account at this location and will be billed for all charges. If you get your Live Scan fingerprint at another location, you will need to submit your Live Scan receipt as proof that you completed the fingerprinting procedure and you will be reimbursed. Please bring the following to receive fingerprinting services: -Live Scan Service Request Form (call our office to request the form at 510-836-5100) -Valid federal, state or local government picture ID (Driver’s license, passport, etc.).

Where can I get fingerprinted?

Red Tomatoes
610 16th Street # 321 Oakland, CA 94612
Call for appointment
Phone: 510.847.4828

The Loss Prevention Group
1814 Franklin Street, Suite 618  Oakland, CA 94612
Call for appointment
Phone: 510.836.6011
If you go here, please print and take this voucher to your appointment

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