How can you help a struggling student learn math skills for life? Personalized tutoring in 2nd and 5th grade can make all the difference!

74% of Oakland Unified School District 5th graders are below California math standards. Students who are not at grade level math proficiency will continue to slip further behind, become frustrated, and develop a much higher risk for dropping out, especially as they move into middle school and high school.

Path2Math interventional programming grew out of our Science Horizons STEAM experience at the schools where we were also conducting our Succeeding by Reading clinics. Principals and teachers at these schools asked if we could deliver a child-centered, in-school math-tutoring program in a similar model to our Succeeding by Reading program. There are very few providers of in-school math tutoring in the East Bay and there is much need across the many schools we serve.

Today, Path2Math provides personalized math tutoring for 2nd grade students who have been observed by their principal and teacher to be the farthest behind their expected grade level proficiency and understanding of common core math concepts. Intervention at these critical periods in math learning ensures that the children are brought up to grade level so that they can succeed in middle school and high school.

Path2Math makes it easy for you to come alongside a struggling young student.

Children Rising volunteer programs are successful because we train, support and nurture our tutors. You don’t need to be a trained educator or skilled mathematician. You just need to be willing to come alongside a struggling young student and help them with their math skills. We provide the guidance for you to make a difference in the life of a young child.

I can change the trajectory of a struggling math student.